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Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator carries forward our commitment of providing reliable, cost-effective and quality products. An Oxygen Concentrator is a machine that generates medical oxygen. It runs on electricity and the only maintenance required is the regular cleaning of filters. Oxygen Concentrator has been designed to provide a combination of enhanced features, reliability of a proven technology and unsurpassed quality.



Venturi Injectors

Venturi Injectors (Injectors) work by forcing water through a conical body which initiates a pressure differential between the inlet and outlet ports. This creates a vacuum inside the injector body, which initiates ozone suction through the suction port.


           Very high ozone mass transfer rate (up to 60 to 70%)

           Requires water pump to initiate suction

           Efficiency rarely decreases over time

           No moving parts


Ozone SS Contact Tank

Ozone Test Kit for residual ozone

This kit contains a colour comparator ,which has colour intesity gradation in 10 slots corresponding to the concentration of the constituent under test,in PPM. 50 no's test can be conducted by ozone test kit. can measure residual ozone from 0.1 PPM to 1 PPM

Ozone Static Mixer

Static mixers dramatically improve the ozone mass transfer performance. Static mixers shear ozone bubbles apart resulting in a 22x increase in the surface area and contact time.

Silicoan tubing for Ozone

Tubing to deliver ozone to the point of use that is ozone resistant. Three types of tubing to meet your specific application.

Oxygen Pressure regulator with flowmeter
Flowmeter (Rotameter)
Diffuser (Air stone)
Ozone Re-circulation Pump